Summary Of ' M ' S Essay

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My little brother Josh would always use to say his “m’s” with his “w’s”.
He was 5 years old. First off let me point out that he didn’t said his first words until he was three? My mom and my dad were very concerned for a while. Mostly of course it was my mom that was always freaking out. One time she was so concerned that she had like a specialists check on Josh. The specialists just said that he’s just a late bloomer. So my mom sort of calmed down for a while, but on August 6, 2005( I remember this date because we went out to dinner and everything) my brother said his first word which was ( drumroll) “Celeste”. Celeste is my older sister’s name and I’m not surprise. She would always be near him repeating her name, engraving it in his mind. My mom was so discouraged. She never had any of us say “mom” for our first words’. Mine was “chubby”, Celeste’s was “dad” and now we have Josh saying “Celeste”. Nevertheless we were still happy that he finally said his first words. A couple of years past and Josh has his all of his abc’s down, he can talk to us, and carry on a decent conversation; but there’s one thing he couldn’t do right. As of you may have guessed it, he couldn’t pronounce his “m’s” right. You’re probably thinking, “Wow, his mom was probably devastated!” Well my friend you were right. Every night my mom would always try to get Josh to say mom right.”say momma, Joshua Bo Montano.” My mom pleaded. “.....Wwaammma..” Josh said. “No! That’s not how you say it!” My mom…

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