Summary Of Luis Ramirez, By Luis Rodriguez Essay

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Luis Ramirez, a young Spanish male, was born and raised in Columbia, South America. At the young age of ten, his family decided to leave their family in Columbia and move to the United States. The family was from the city of Pasto where they had raised two young boys. The family planned to fly into the U.S., but the journey began by their personal van to get to the closest airport. The closest airport was ten hours away, Luis doesn’t remember much of the drive, or the flight for that matter, just that he was anxiously anticipating the arrival in New York City a few days later. Once they had their final stop before the flight into New York the atmosphere seemed to completely change, he remembers looking at his parents for reassurance. He could not understand what anyone was talking about and everyone seemed to be looking at him and his family. In NYC the hustle and bustle quickly took over, it was nothing like the city he was used to. Once in New York, the family found a small apartment to rent with several other families that were going through the same transition. The space was small with one room the family shared and then the bathroom was in a hallway, shared with the other families. Soon after landing, the process to become a U.S. citizen began. The families they shared an apartment with had given them the name of the agency they were using, the agency supposedly worked quickly to assist families to obtain legal citizenship. After a few months, the family…

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