Summary Of ' Let 's Play ' House ' Essay

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Let’s play house. A little girl is in a floral dress with her little apron as she pretends to cook dinner for her family. She has a little baby doll that she cradles in her arms as she finishes up the dinner and gets ready to start the laundry. A little boy comes in acting as if he had a long day of work asking her if dinner was ready and if his cloths were ready. When you were younger the girls were told to play with dolls and Barbie’s. Our parents brought us little kitchen and told us the importance of being a lady. We had to sit with our legs crossed and wear certain clothing’s that met societies standard of being a girl. As for the boys, they were different. They were told to play with footballs and had plastic versions of tools. They were encouraged to get dirty and rough play to show their masculine side. They had no rules of how to sit, how much food to eat, or how to dress. Little girl since day one are taught how the be the perfect American women who will later be expected to marry a man and have children. In Fun Home by Alison Bechdel (2006) she talks about how her dad would always maker her wear a barrette despite the fact that she hated it. Later she briefly explained how women use to have a rule called “The three articles of women clothing rule,” which stated that to show your femininity you have to prove it with 3 articles of clothing that a man would not wear. Some examples are dresses, skirts, jewelry, and heels. They made this rule to make sure that no one…

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