Analysis Of Suite Combinations By Irene Nemirovsky

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In the novel, Suite Française by Irene Nemirovsky talked about Germany invading the French territory. This was a significant novel because, this started off as a personal journal and became published years later. To begin, “Nemirovsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1903, into a family of Jewish bankers” (Sharing Stories Inspiring Change). She was born into a wealth family. Nemirovsky was young smart and had a beautiful social life. Her father was one of the wealthiest financiers in Russia, Nemirovsky grew up with wealth and the noble of St. Petersburg (Sharing Stories Inspiring Change). Unlike other families during this time period Nemirovsky was really fortunate to be born in a high class. “After the Bolshevik Revolution the family emigrated …show more content…
This war took place from 1939 to 1945. Adolf Hitler who was the ringleader of Nazi Germany, was a terrible man. He was the one in charge of the Jewish Genocide. Before Hitler was in charge of Nazi Germany, he needed to blame someone for the economic problems after their defeat from World War 1 (Holocaust | The Nazi Regimeo). In order to have a crowd that he would be able to manipulate, he needed a scapegoat and decided to blame the Jews. This turned into a Genocide, because Hitler’s plan was to eradicate the Jewish people. In order to go through with this plan, Hitler built concentration camps. He did not only kill the Jews but also used them for experiments. Unfortunately, due to this Genocide, this is how it was discovered a person’s tolerance level in a gassed chamber before dying or how long a person can survive from bleeding to death because a body part was amputated. “Evil is visible, it burns, it smugly displays itself for all to see” (Nemirovsky 154). An evil person is not hard to spot but sometime looks can be deceiving. Before the ethnic cleanse Hitler tried to do, he was a good person. He never drinks, smoked, was a great artist and husband. “What separates or unites people is not their language, their laws, their customs, their principles but the way they hold knives and forks” (Nemirovsky 315). Meaning that just because people practice a different religion or have different styles when it comes to handing things are raising a child, they should not be looked down upon. There are many other attributes a person should analyze before the labeling that person, perhaps the way they carry there self When he came to power, he was force to be reckoned with. During WWII, Hitler needed to prove that his country was the most dominant country in the world (12 Things You Were Not Told). So, he had his military invade other countries that did not have a strong military. In the 1940s, the Germans

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