State Crimes

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The following essay will be discussing the question if states can commit crimes with particular focus on the historical subject of the holocaust, the essay will critically discuss measures in place to prosecute state crime in attempts to hold states accountable as well as background history on the brainwashing nazi Germany regime in order to scope the effects of this government run genocide. I will argue that while states can be guilty of crimes difficulty arises in the jurisdiction to which they can be held accountable and when these international criminal courts don 't have their own policing teams it can be hard to punish people in power within their own state.

By definition from Kramer and Michalowski (2005, pp. 447-448) state crime
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In 1948, three years after Hitler 's suicide, the united nations was formed and the universal declaration of human rights was created, making it one of the most valuable agreements in history (The United Nations, 1948). Even though they were unwritten at the time of the holocaust almost every right outlined in the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) were robbed of victims involved Nazi Germany 's regime. A few specific articles of human rights that were breached have been chosen to be discussed, they include that all human beings are born free and equal, everyone is entitled to the same rights and freedom no matter their race, religion and sex although Hitler believed that germans were a biologically superior race that was being threatened by inferior races such as Jews (What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,2016). Hitler blamed the jews for Germany losing world war I, which is why he took such a hatred to this group of people, killing two-thirds of all Jewish in Europe by the end of the holocaust (Hall, 2009) . The UDHR states that one is not to be subject to torture or cruel, inhumane treatment or punishment. Hitler literally picked …show more content…
After world war II domestic and international courts conducted trials against accused war criminals and in the case of the holocaust the people being charged with criminal offences such as genocide were people who worked for the chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, hence making these crimes committed by the state (War Crimes Trials, 2016). One person accused was Hermann Goering, he was the highest ranking Nazi official, Goering joined Hitler 's nazi party after hearing a speech by Hitler (Hermann Goering, 2016). The international military tribunal charged Goering for crimes against peace and humanity, war crimes and conspiracy to commit crimes affecting peace and humanity (Hermann Goering, 2016). On December 17th of 1942 governments from the united states, great Britain, and the soviet union issued a declaration acknowledging the genocide of European jews and deciding to, where possible, prosecute those responsible for these crimes (The Holocaust - United to End Genocide, 2016). At the time those who were foreign were sent to their own country to be prosecuted according to their own countries law. Between October 1945 and October 1946 the international military tribunal tried 22 serious war crimes that went against peace

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