Summary Of ' I Don 't Get It ' Essay

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The four of them dashed from the puerta, dodging other randomly thrown missiles, tomatoes, grapes, the odd olive and other detritus as they went. ‘My God, I didn’t expect that,’ said Antonio, closing the front door after all four had rushed in. ‘That’s pretty obvious,’ laughed Esteban. ‘Otherwise I guess you wouldn’t have suggested it!’ ‘I don’t get it,’ said Carolina. ‘That song was about something which happened over a hundred years ago.’ ‘Yes, but the Morisco problem has raised itself again and is fresh in peoples’ minds.’ ‘That’s no reason to be thoroughly objectionable,’ said Lupita. ‘It’s a wonder they didn’t hit us,’ said Carolina still afraid. ‘Their children saved us. If they hadn’t been there I dread to think what they’d have done,’ said Esteban. ‘And they don’t like hitting us little people.’ ‘I hate to tell you this,’ said Antonio. ‘We will have to start for Segovia in the morning, like it or not. There will be riots in the street if we play here again. We’ll be sad to leave you and the comfort of your parents’ home.’ ‘They will understand,’ said Lupita. ‘We’ve had a wonderful time together and I’ll always be grateful to you both.’ ‘You’re going to Segovia?’ said Carolina. ‘May I come with you? I planned to go there by carriage but it would be better to travel with you men.’ ‘Give us a few moments to discuss the idea,’ said Esteban. ‘Come into the kitchen for a glass of juice,’ said Lupita, leaving the men to talk. ‘Well, what do you think?’…

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