Essay on Summary Of ' I Am Not Going At Lie '

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I am not going to lie, I procrastinated over this thesis. It is a constant battle for all students. Take for an example, a common sophomore named Penelope. Penelope was just assigned an essay on the meaning of happiness. Let the procrastination begin. First, she thinks, “Oh, yeah, I have all week to finish this essay; it’s due on Friday, which is so far away.” Two days later, “Maybe it’s a good idea to start thinking about the topic,” but then she discovers there is a new movie on Netflix that she has been wanting to see. A day later, Penelope receives some homework, so she tells herself, “Well, I can’t do it today.” Finally, the day before, she decides to start. She tries to, but she cannot think of any ideas, so she does some research, but with no success. After a while of scrolling through humorous memes and watching countless funny dog videos, Penelope sees the time. 2am. Panic. She stares at the prompt and starts typing a bunch of ideas that come to mind. To her relief, she was able to finish by 5am, which gave her enough time for a nap before school. Procrastination is a common problem and people argue that it can actually be good because the pressure helps some people work better and it can generate some brilliant ideas. However, procrastination can also bring bad effects, which raises the question of whether procrastination is a morally wrong action. I say procrastination is morally wrong. With this statement, though, come some objections, which may turn one in a…

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