Summary Of ' Growing Through Grief ' Essay

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The objective of this assignment is to reflect on three of the articles within The Encourager. The writer will expound on new obtained views shared by the author, as well as reaffirmed views, methods and practices that has been revealed in the past.
The first article was entitled “Growing through Grief”. The title itself speaks volumes of what I believe the reasoning behind the purpose of having to endure the grief process in the first place. To grow us spirituality. The author spoke of his personal grief taking him to healing in which gave way for joy to become a part of his life again. It is my understanding that storms may and will come and rise up all around you. The key is to keep your attention on our God and He will give you peace in the mist of chaos. The article also goes on the say that grief may be the most intimate and sacred ground on life’s journey and I know this to be true. Without a test there is no testimony, how would we ever be able to someone through something if you never been through anything; how does a body grow in strength without exercise? Just as the soldiers who protect our country are tested before entering the battle field, so are we. Just don’t faint! My pastor would always say: “It’s not what you go throw, its how you go through.” The second article, “The Truth about Grief” gave effective approaches to comforting someone, as the go through their stages of grief. One of the key points that stood out was the importance of…

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