Summary Of Book ' Three Of Mere Christianity ' Essay

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Book three of Mere Christianity includes twelve chapters that all relate to human Behavior. Chapter one discusses the three parts of mortality. The three parts of mortality, defined by C.S. Lewis are harmony among people, cleaning up the harmony within the individual, and the purpose of life for a human being. Chapter two addresses the Cardinal Virtues which are prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude. Chapter three talks about social morality, and within this chapter he touches on the importance of charity. Chapter four covers morality and psychoanalysis. This chapter discusses how sin affects human nature and how the right direction not only leads to peace but also knowledge. Chapter five discussed sexual morality. This chapter compared sex to food and it examined the way society today views sex. Chapter six talked about Christian marriage, and how it should look. Chapter seven discusses forgiveness, and essentially this chapter states hate the sin not the sinner. Chapter eight is about the great sin, which is pride. This chapter discusses how pride destroys people and their relationships with one another. Chapter nine talks about charity. Within this chapter it addresses the three theological virtues which are faith, hope, and charity. Chapter ten talks about hope. Chapters eleven and twelve both talk about faith. These chapters discuss how Christianity is more than morals. Book three of covers a mass amount of information on how Christianity works and the morals…

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