Summary Of ' Alice 's Wonderland ' Essay

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Lily Andersen
Mrs. Hellem
10 May 2016
Curiouser and curiouser
Whoever said fairytales are for everyone was right. Alice’s Wonderland is a dream come true, filled with talking flowers, clothes-wearing animals and colorful characters. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has long been a fanciful escape for young children and adults everywhere with the intent of exercising their imaginations and preserving their youth. But is this truly what Lewis Carroll wanted his novel to accomplish? Carroll creates an unusual and unique perspective and development of a child through Alice by describing her relationships with various characters. It’s interesting—one might even say curious—that Carroll’s story is often read as a fantasy but rarely as a coming of age novel. Through creating a bildungsroman, Carrol ironically depicts young Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as more mentally and emotionally mature than the characters with traditional positions of authority such as the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen and the Duchess.
The dynamics between Alice and the Tea Party guests are reminiscent of children’s relationships with their elders and their struggle to achieve equality. Alice’s first impression of the Tea Party guests is one of refined stature. They are dressed in extravagant hats and coat tails, drinking from expensive tea cups and eating rich pastries symbolizing their social position. But contrary to their appearance, Richard Kelly notes…

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