Children Against Fairy Tales

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Should fairy tales be read to children? This is a intriguing topic that is widely cogitated by people around the world,old and young.“The Case Against Fairytales” and “10 Reasons Why Kids need to Read Non-Disney Fairy Tales” by Arielle Schussler and Melissa Taylor respectively illustrate the negative and positive effects of fairy tales for children. Fairy tales, are they commendable, or pernicious? I argue that they are essential to a child’s everyday life, worthy of the praise that I think they deserve.

Firstly, life lessons are found throughout a variety of fairy tales. In most every fairy tale story you’ll read, there’ll be at least one moral hidden somewhere in the story. For example, in “The Elves and The Shoemaker,” the Elves sneak into
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Fantasy is the genre of many books, and fairy tales can introduce children to it. Fairy tales can also expand a child’s imagination. The expansion of imagination can expand creativity, which can allow children to discover more options and ideas. People who are against fairy tales can’t find a argument to help them here一 you can’t argue against a introduction to fantasy and an expansion of imagination. When children find out that fantasy characters aren’t real (I argue they are--how do you know they aren’t?), they are simply growing up. As a result, children get introduced to the genre of fantasy, grow-up and get a bigger imagination due to fairy tale …show more content…
When people refer to a “Fairy Tale Life,” they mean a “Perfect Life.” This saying refers to how the main characters in fairy tales always have a perfect life. I disagree against this fact because all fairy tales have hard truths in them. The protagonist in a fairy tale usually has an not-so perfect life in the beginning. An example is Cinderella, where she is enslaved by an evil Stepmother. This can teach children that life can be harsh. But later, when Cinderella gets a Fairy Godmother due to her hard work, things change. Children then learn that hard work always gets rewarded. So in the end, children learn that life always has hard truths, whether in a fairy tale, or

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