Summary Of A Religious Tradition In Aotearoa New Zealand

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Analyse a religion tradition in Aotearoa New Zealand

Catholicism in New Zealand

I have chosen to analyse Catholicism in New Zealand. Catholicism is the oldest form of Christianity. It is one of the three main branches of Christianity including: Protestant and Orthodox. Catholicism is also the largest and most popular form of Christianity. In my report I will talk about how Catholicism is expressed in New Zealand through five specific essential components. The five components I have chosen to analyse are, Symbols, Sacred texts and how they are interpreted, the contribution to society, Attitudes to religion and Leadership structures.

Symbolism is an important concept in every Religion, Culture and Social Structure. Symbols act as ‘badges of faith’, people believe that they point a way through the spiritual work and that with prayer and faith they can become closer, spiritually, to a ‘higher power’. Symbols are used to reflect the seven sacraments in Catholicism and these symbols are widely known as symbols of the Catholic Faith.

Bread and Wine
One of the seven sacraments in Catholicism is Eucharist; Eucharist is a Christian traditional ceremony in which commemorates the last supper. People receive bread and wine at church just like Jesus’ 12 apostles did at the last supper. The bread is a symbol of Jesus’ body and the wine is a symbol of Jesus’ blood. Jesus gave up his bread and wine to others to show his belief and love
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The Ten Commandments are 10 commands by God that basically tell us how to live our lives, they are laws that alters how we live our lives; “You shall not kill” “You shall not steal” “You shall not commit adultery” breaking any of these Ten Commandments is a sin and if you sin you are obligated to go to confession and ask for

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