Ethical Issues In Hinduism, Theravada Buddhism, And Christianity

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There are many ethical issues throughout the human race which are approached differently by each religion. With the ethical issue of abortion and euthanasia, Hinduism, Theravada Buddhism, and Christianity all have different and similar views about this huge debate in society today.
Hinduism, being the root of many religions, is the world’s oldest major religion till this day. With most ancient religions, outsiders were the ones who appointed a name for a discovered group of beliefs. The name Hindu, referring to those who lived in the Indus River Valley, was given by Muslims to better differentiate the two religions as more migrated to India. The Hindus gradually accepted by its religious leaders and followers in the Vedic tradition. There
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Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Theravada Buddhism, was born in one of the higher classes in the caste system; which was the Warrior caste. Growing up, this caused him to be sheltered from the difficulties in life. When he finally broke free from his family’s protection, he saw the Four Passing Sights; sad, sick, dying, and then a monk. This caused him to embark on a spiritual quest and tries extreme versions of Hinduism, but nothing came to him. He decides to sit under a tree and then finally achieves enlightenment, which is called nirvana meaning to become free from the cycle of samsara (the cycle of …show more content…
According to the Council of Florence in 1439, there are seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation into Church, penance, Eucharist (holy communion), marriage, holy orders, and anointing the sick. Baptism can occur when a baby is born, in the early teens, or when converting to Christianity. This ritual is done by a pastor in which he blesses the soul with God’s grace; holy water is a symbol pureness that resembles as such. Confirmation is usually done in the mid-teens when children will go to Sunday school and learn the stories of the Bible. Penance, given by a priest, is a way to ask for forgiveness from the Father (example: praying ten Hail Maries). Eucharist was a dinner for Jesus and his disciples, for it was the last one he had before being hung on the cross for the sins of the world. Marriage plays an important factor in a Christians life, making divorce a sin. The Holy Orders are the unity a community has in the church; we are all one with God. Anointing the sick is usually done by priests and pastors, but many Christians have holy oil and holy water in their homes to help spread pureness. Lent is a forty-day preparation for the celebration of Easter, which is when Jesus resurrected after three days of his death. During this forty-day period, Christians are given the choice to fast from a favorite or food or sweet (example: meat, alcohol, etc.).

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