Summary Of ' 20 Am Hosted By Ethel Waters, And Dr. Robinson 's Presentation

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I attended the Intercultural Event on October 20, 2015 at 11:20 AM hosted by Zandria Robinson. Her main concern is that black women are not as well respected as white females. Women of color have had many hardships with white supremacy growing up in the Unite States. Dr. Robinson reflected on the upcoming of black feminism and how their roles tie in with pop culture. She speaks upon gender, race, gender identity, and how those have entwined with black women speaking in their communities and raising awareness for their people. You can relate Dr. Robinson’s presentation well with the books we have read in class, His eye is on the Sparrow and Quicksand. They both show the difficulty of the black community, and how it is hard to get people to accept and learn more about their culture. Comparing His eye on the Sparrow, by Ethel Waters, and Dr. Robinson’s presentation about the most recent generations of black women in pop culture, is very relatable. In Ethel’s story, we hear about the racism she deals with in her everyday life. Ethel was a magnificent performer, but when you read about her bumpy journey you start to put in perspective that the “Hollywood Life” is not necessarily easy to reach, or even real. You can relate this well with what Dr. Robinson says because she explains that even black women in pop culture today still show their adversities, but just in different ways. She talks about how each generation “wave” shows self-affiliation in a society that traffic in black…

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