Summary In Sidney Sheldon's 'If Tomorrow Comes'

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Adventurous, captivating, steamy, and suspenseful, Sheldon’s If Tomorrow Comes satisfies readers’ quench for entertainment; however, such an enjoyable, simple novel does not satisfy the typical cannon elements of AP worthy books. Books deemed AP quality address important issues, include a dynamic structure, or reveal a greater meaning behind the literal words on the page. Sheldon’s novels do not raise questions about society, encourage readers to think beyond the text, or include significant, unique characters.
Not known for his literary merit, Sidney Sheldon has written many different novels for the entertainment of his readers. Many consider him a “master storyteller” as his novels generally contain “meticulous research, swift pacing,
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Daniel Cooper plays the role of Tracy’s nemesis with a mysterious, dangerous past not revealed until the last pages of the novel. Although he pursues Tracy when she assumes the life of a criminal, he is unsuccessful throughout the whole novel and never makes contact with Tracy again. Tracy invariably outwits Daniel, and his pursuit of her does not even seem to complicate her thefts. His role in the novel could be erased and the story would have the same effect. Jeff Stevens plays a more important role to story development and Tracy’s life as they compete against each other in games of thievery and eventually marry. However, Jeff appears to be the perfect man and only after about a week together, the two decide they are in love and wish to marry, leaving their old lives behind. Sheldon’s romantic and criminal situations reflect completely unrealistic circumstances. Tracy Whitney appears to live the perfect life with the perfect man as they steal million-dollar items with no trouble. Sheldon does not address a controversial issue or put his characters through significant strife that would develop the text into AP …show more content…
Typically, worthy novels “do not fall into the traps of ‘pulp’ fiction such as clichéd or derivative descriptions and plot devices, or sentimentality rather than ‘earned’ emotion” (Gilmore 7). As aforementioned, If Tomorrow Comes falls into the category of clichés and abundant, meaningless description. Sheldon incorporates blunt sarcasm to reveal upcoming events such as when Jeff states, “I guess no one’s ever going to steal that diamond” (Sheldon 385). Every time someone declares a theft impossible, Sheldon’s characters invariably prove the naysayers wrong as they effortlessly complete the heists. If Tomorrow Comes lacks the “thematic depth” (Gilmore 7) College Board seeks. While Sheldon’s novel is interesting and still enjoyed after thirty years, the literary community does not recognize its merit and neither do readers. The girl gets the guy. The protagonist succeeds without difficulty. The characters get the perfect ending. AP books do not contain such convenient situations. In Jane Eyre, Jane left Thornfield and the chance to marry the man she loves before struggling through a near-death experience and taking the initiative to return to Rochester. She manipulated her own life, and her success relied on her own mentality and determination. In If Tomorrow Comes, Tracy Whitney’s success is only due to favorable circumstances and mistakes on her enemies’ parts. The

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