Summary : Friday Night Lights Essay

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In American Society, sports are a very important pastime for many people. Many spend their free time watching a basketball game, playing baseball with friends, or even betting on a team to win the Superbowl. Fans of different races, religions, and ethnicities can all come together and unite over one commonality: sports. In most high schools, students hold the tradition to gather on Friday nights to watch their fellow classmates play a football game. On these nights, students can simply relax, cheer on their team, and enjoy the typical high school experience. Lewis Lapham addresses what fans and players are seemingly offered from activities and how athletics represent an industry with the power to unite people. Lapham’s remarks are correct when stating that sports are more than the game itself and that they create a false sense of hope and innocence affecting not only the players, but also the fans. Sports preserve an idea of perfect innocence when in reality, the business is corrupt. In H.G. Bissinger’s book, Friday Night Lights, there is no doubt that the passion of Odessa is football, where players, “held the town on their shoulders” (xiv). It is clear that in Texas, the fans, parents, coaches, and teachers were willing to do anything to secure as many wins as possible. At Carter High School, Gary Edward’s grade in Algebra II caused chaos in Texas, as his grade would decide whether or not his school would be eligible to play in the playoffs. The dilemma of the grade was…

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