Essay Summary : English Language Learners

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The English language learners (ELL) population has been and will be growing as time goes by; due to that reason teaching and instruction need to be suitable for all students including ELLs. In the article Teaching English language learners in the content areas by Joy Janzen, we can see how ELL students make 10.5% of the school population, and these same students are at a high risk of academic failure (Janzen, 2008). A very important factor about ELLs is that a vast majority of them have low scores in all the categories of achievement, those categories are the ones we categorized content areas in school. Content areas are the traditional reading, writing, history, science and math. One thing that Janzen (2008) notes on his article is that students are in ESOL programs yet teachers fail to be qualified and ready to teach them. Going on with this 41% percent of teachers have at least one ELL student in their class but only 12.5% has had training in teaching ELL students in the past three years (Janzen 2008). Teachers are doing their job in the classrooms but they are blindsided when it comes to the diversity of their class, teachers are not certified to teach ELL students and not all states require teachers to be trained in this area. One thing to note is that ELL students not only struggles on English classes, but all content area classes because in order to understand math, science and social students need to know the language and be proficient in it.
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