Summary: Breakfast And Brunch Recipes Using Philips Air Fryer

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Breakfast and Brunch recipes using Philips Air Fryer

French toast sticks made with Philips Air Fryer
Serving size: 100 g toast
Servings per Recipe: 2
Calories: 213 per serving
Cooking Time: 17 minutes in total

1. Bread- 4 pieces, sliced
2. Eggs- 2
3. Margarine or soft butter- 2 tablespoons (for buttering the bread)
4. Salt- as per taste
5. Cinnamon and nutmeg- as per taste
6. Ground cloves
7. Cooking spray
8. Maple syrup or icing sugar (for serving and garnishing)

Nutrition Information:
1. Carbohydrate – 32 g
2. Protein- 7.4 g
3. Fat – 6.1 g
4. Sodium – 495 mg
5. Cholesterol – 82 mg


1. Get your Philips air fryer ready and preheat it for use at 180 degree Celsius.
2. Take a bowl and gently beat the eggs together.
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Egg- 1, beaten
5. Bread crumbs- ½ cup
6. Lemon- ¼ piece
7. Sea salt and pepper- as per taste
Nutrition Information:
1. Carbohydrate – 32 g
2. Protein- 4 g
3. Fat – 11 g
4. Sodium – 23.8 mg
5. Cholesterol – 46.5 mg
1. Set the temperature of your Philips air fryer at 200 degrees Celsius.
2. In a mixing bowl, add all-purpose plain flour, salt, cayenne pepper, beaten egg, bread crumbs and pepper. Mix everything together to prepare coating for fries.
3. Coat the sliced avocado pieces with prepared mixture. Dip them again in beaten eggs, and roll them in bread crumbs.
4. Place these avocado slices carefully in the fryer basket and slide it properly into the preheated Philips air fryer.
5. Set the timer of the air fryer at 6 minutes. Fry the slices until they appear crispy and turn golden brown in color.
6. Serve the avocado fries in brunch with Greek yogurt, honey or squeezed with lemon juice.

Café style heavy breakfast croissant sandwich made with Philips Air Fryer and served with ham, eggs and mushroom
Serving size: 1 croissant
Servings per Recipe: 1
Calories: 279 per serving
Cooking Time: 8 minutes (excluding preparation time)

1. Croissant- 1
2. Ham- 3 slices
3. Mushroom- 4, small size, sliced into

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