Creole Arepa Research Paper

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How To Make A Venezuelan Arepa Fall in love with the Venezuelan Arepa, one of the most popular foods in Venezuela. The arepa is considered a corn cake. Not only is the arepa popular, it’s also healthy and gluten free. The best part is, arepas can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. How great and convenient is that? Being Venezuelan, I grew up eating arepas almost everyday and my whole family eats them and I ended up learning how to make them after eating them for so many years. To begin cooking the popular Venezuelan Arepa you will need the following ingredients: Oil, water, a pinch of salt, and maize flour called Harina P.A.N. Begin mixing all of the ingredients together. Next, get a mixing bowl and place the maize flour and a pinch of salt until you feel it’s a decent amount. Start to combine the ingredients together. Begin by getting a cup of warm water and pour it in the mixing bowl. Mix all the ingredients together until it turns into dough like form. Use your hands and knead the dough or any tool to help you mix the dough into a ball. Continue kneading the dough until …show more content…
After they have cooled off, begin to slice the arepas in half. Use a knife to slice the arepas in half lengthwise. Fill the arepas with your favorite fillings. My favorite way to fill my arepas is plain and simple. You can grab any type of butter you like and any type of cheese and done! In Venezuela, arepas are filled with ham and cheese for breakfast. Arepas can be eaten any time of the day with any type of filling you desire. If you can't find a type of Venezuelan cheese, you can also use mozzarella cheese. Another way you can also eat them is with scrambled eggs which is more proper for breakfast. Fill the inside of the arepa with whatever filling you desire from eggs to ham and steak. It doesn’t matter what topping or filling you chose, arepas taste good with just about anything.

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