Summary And Analysis Of Strengths And Challenges Essay

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Summary and Analysis of Strengths and Challenges There are some important strengths and challenges within B’s life that I discovered throughout the interview. The top three strengths in B’s life that stood out to me were her faith, family and positive outlook on life. Having a strong faith is a strength for B because it is something that she strongly believes in. She is passionate about what she believes. She feels her faith is one of the things that keeps her going because it reminds her to have hope. It is important because in her eyes, without faith, life would not have much meaning. The second strength, her family, is also very important. B stated that her biggest accomplishment was raising nine healthy children. She mentioned that having her whole family together on Christmas was one of her favorite traditions. B also told me that her family was always there to drive her places. “The idea that happiness lies not in flashing the cash” but instead it lies in “strong relationships with family and friends” (Shields, 2014). Based off this information I was able to infer that B’s family is extremely meaningful to her. Another one of B’s top strengths is her positive outlook on life. She is optimistic and believes that there is good in everyone. Having this characteristic is a wonderful thing to have. “The positive thinking that typically comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management” (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). B seems to be healthier because of it…

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