Teen Suicide Prevention

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Although suicide is the one of the leading cause of deaths in the United States, it has been on the rise in kids. The rate of suicide deaths among children have increased over the years. Suicide is not an unintentional accident, but it is teens who intend to kill themselves. It could be due to a certain mental health problem. This includes depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse. Some might even experience sexual or physical abuse (Healthy Children, 2016). Men is also more likely to die by suicide than women. Men are capable to use more violent and dangerous methods (NIMH, 2016). All of these factors could lead teens to commit suicide. Many people have survived suicide attempts but the results are that many of them have some type of serious injury. According to the CDC, the death rates for teen suicide have been unsteady from 1999 to 2007, but rose quickly after 2007.The suicide rates for children and adolescents aged 10-14 years have doubled from 2007 to 2014 (2016). CDC. (2016) Death …show more content…
There are multiple measures that we could do to help reduce the rates of suicide deaths. Improved surveillance and monitoring of suicide attempts is the main core element to help focus on suicide prevention (WHO, 2016). Some proposed actions that the nation and our community could advocate is the use of training for health care workers and especially for non-specialized health workers. They are able to seek early identification of suicidal behavior and help them get treatment. Everyone, not just health care workers should be aware of the symptoms and signs of health care behavior. Follow-up care is also important for those who attempt to commit suicide or have thoughts about it. Some programs that can be created is a community support group. These support groups could introduce different policies that are already enacted and help educate them more about

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