Essay on Suicide Is An Unsettling Aspect Of Human Behavior

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Suicide is an unsettling aspect of human behavior. Almost all religions and cultures disapprove of suicides. In many Western civilizations suicide was considered a felony. The major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism, consider it immoral. Despite the widespread condemnation of suicide, it is the 15th leading cause of death in the world¹. The Igbo culture has such disdain for suicide that they will not touch the body nor give it a proper burial. Though Okonkwo prided himself on being a strong Igbo man, he ended up committing one of the most taboo acts - suicide. As explained by one of the Igbo men, “‘It is an abomination for a man to take his own life. It is an offense against the Earth, and a man who commits it will not be buried by his clansman. His body is evil…’” (Achebe, 207) Suicide is seen as a heinous sin by the Igbo, as they refuse to touch Okonkwo’s body and are willing to pay the white men to take it away. What drove Okonkwo to commit such an abhorred transgression against his beloved tribe were many daunting obstacles. Okonkwo was overwhelmed by the weakness in his chi and in Umuofia, and decided his best alternative to facing these weakness was to take his own life. Suicide, though frowned upon by most societies, is sometimes seen as an alternative to living an unwanted life. Okonkwo’s life was dominated by struggle and his fight against it, and yet he ends up succumbing to it in the end despite suicide’s condemnation by his…

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