Essay about Suicide : Causes And Effects

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What is suicide? Suicide is defined as “the intentional taking of ones life.” The subject is not widely spoken about and is avoided by many because people assume it could never happen to someone close to them. However the depressive truth is that suicide rates have shot up drastically since 1960. Although anyone is capable of committing the act, suicide is more common in adolescence. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and the second leading cause of death among college aged teens. Suicide is particularly more frequent in adolescence between the ages of 13-25 due to the various stress triggers they face during that time period. The teenage years are a time of growth and change for teens. This period marks the start of high school and college, more responsibilities and pressure from parents and family, and for some that transition can be difficult. Some of the leading causes of teen suicide is bullying, stress derived from school, family dilemmas, and mental illness. With the rates higher than ever parents should be making an effort to keep their child 's well being in mind and notice the suicidal signs in an attempt to prevent yet another unforeseen death.

Being a teen in today’s society is never easy. Body image and style are influenced by social media and television shows setting unrealistic expectations for teenagers. If you don’t look a certain way or dress a certain way you become an automatic target for bullying. The rapid changes in…

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