Essay about Suicide : Causes And Effects

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Actor, producer, and writer Tony Hancock once said, “Things just went wrong too many times.” His quote directly relates to how one feels when they want to take their life. The victim is lost and wants one thing to finally go right for them. Sometimes all someone who is thinking about committing suicide needs is that one thing that will turn their life around forever. Suicide impacts all ages, though the leading cases of suicide were found in teens. Suicide is not just about the act of one killing his or herself; it also includes their mindset, the causes, how it changes the family and the surrounding community, and the aftermath and how everyone affected must learn to recover. Suicide came around many, many years ago. The mindset of someone who is thinkings about committing suicide is different from that of anyone else. Suicide first came around in the mid 17th century and developed in Europe meaning to take one’s own life (Cutchin). A suicide victim may feel discouraged. They do not want to stay that way, but they are unsure of how to change it. Their worth is determined by how others view them. The victim want to meet social standards that are nearly impossible to reach. Most of the time, their main reasoning for committing suicide is to get revenge or find an escape from being judged and criticized by the “perfect” society they are trying to fit into (Meredith). The victim’s main issue comes from needing to be someone who they are not. Many of the causes of teenage…

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