Suicide And Self Harm : Helping People At Risk Essay

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The video “Suicide and self-harm: Helping people at risk”, shows a middle age woman who is experiencing stress and anxiety because of an upcoming inspection at her place of employment and marital problems. The woman discloses to the clinician that she feels hopeless, is having suicidal thoughts, and has developed a plan to commit suicide. Unfortunately, there are many middle age to older adults who feel this way. Suicide rates in 2010, for adults 45-54 years of age, was the fourth leading cause of death (Choi, DiNitto, & Marti, 2015). It was the eighth leading cause of death for adults ranging from 55-60 years of age (Choi et al., 2015). According to Han, McKeon, Gfroerer (2014), it is important for clinicians to screen for suicide risk in clients who are experiencing a depressive episode or substance abuse problem. Bryan and Rudd (2006) suggest that the purpose of the risk assessment is to estimate the risk of suicidal behavior in a client, provides a template for clinical management, and can help in planning of treatment.
There were many things I liked about the assessment Barry did with the teacher. Barry spoke in a low tone voice and established direct eye contact. By doing this, the teacher felt Barry was listening to her concerns, which helped to establish trust and therapeutic relationship between the two. I feel that establishing trust and a therapeutic relationship enables the teacher to feel comfortable enough to talk about the hopelessness she is…

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