Suicide And Its Effects On Adolescent Suicide Essay

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Throughout human history, suicide has often been an outlet for people who are experiencing emotional distress to the point where they do not desire living anymore. Suicide is defined as the action of killing oneself intentionally. As of recently, suicide in adolescence has emerged as a major topic of conversation for the educational community. As an increasing number of educators are experiencing the loss of their own students from suicide, the factors that cause suicidal behaviors have been examined in further detail. By gaining greater insight about the psychological, social, and biological factors that contribute to adolescent suicide, the educational community will better be able to counteract some of these factors and work to decrease the amount of adolescent suicides.
Before examining some factors that are contributing to suicide in adolescence, it is helpful to understand how prevalent adolescent suicide actually is. The suicide rate tends to increase over the lifespan, but recent trends have shown a sharp jump in these rates at adolescence. According to Berk (2010), “suicide is the third leading cause of death among American youths” (p.331). Suicide ranks in third place behind motor vehicle accidents and homicides. Jacobson, Batejan, Kleinman, and Gould (2013) also state that suicide accounts for approximately 4,600 deaths of adolescents yearly in the United States alone. This number of deaths is diminished by the approximate number of suicide attempts.…

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