Suicide : A Dark Abyss Essay

707 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 3 Pages
Depression is a dark abyss where you are alone with the thoughts that haunt your every moment. Where the only answer to stopping the pain is to extinguish the flame of life. Sadly, this is the answer that many seek. The concept of suicide does end the pain, but leaves a scar too painful for loved ones. This scar caused by the selfish act of taking your own life away. Suicide is not an act of desperation, but an act of selfishness. When a person takes their life away, it is an escape from the pain that cannot be handled. The pain, however, still is there, and in greater force to those around us. Suicide is like an explosion, where pain that was hidden, burns everyone who was trying to save you. Even though the person is gone, the act of suicide leaves a scar far too big to heal. Regardless, the person who chooses suicide, does not consider the pain he or she might cause. The only goal for someone who is willing to commit suicide is ending the pain, but suicide starts an endless pain for all those around. No matter how hard loved ones try to move on the pain, the pain will haunt them forever; something that a person who commits suicide will not have to live with. Adding to the more reasons why suicide is an act of selfishness. The problems that were left behind will burden family and friends. The mess that was left behind by suicide will be the mess family, friends, sons, and daughters will be responsible to clean up. Suicide might be an escape from the pain, but it is the…

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