Suffering Within Concept, Everything Is Very Good Essay example

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85. What is The Purpose behind Suffering within Concept “EVERYTHING IS VERY GOOD”?
• The ‘man-made’ science characterizes Pain as a complex and subjective phenomenon, therefore, finding the consensus on the adequate definition of Pain, which certainly represents discomforting and unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, is still a major challenge. According to the inference that stems from the rational part of man-made science, Pain is a ‘primordial’ phenomenon of the same rank and category as thirst, hunger, fatigue, representing the integral functional part of body defense system. Needless to mention, the ‘convenient’ science has numerous theories, but essentially no clue on crucial factors related to the Pain’ phenomenon’- the origin, mechanism of spreading, the reasons for its persistence, and ‘deeper meaning’ of its cognition.
Further, per example, the ordinary ‘science’, which is a champion of Pain classifications, cannot figure out why exemptions from the rule which state that removal of pain stimuli triggers self-healing, which in turn resolves the pain symptoms do occur. Also, why both, the ‘Phantom’ Pain, apparently coming from missing part of the body in amputees and nerves immobilized parts of the body, and the Mental in Nature Psychogenic Pain are ‘deep’ mysteries. Why by Will substantially altered the state of Day-Consciousness provides the condition for successful Spiritual Appeal to the Higher Sources? And, why subsequent non-mediumistic…

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