Suffering In Edwidge Danticat's Krik? Krak

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Micah janzen

Imagine a world where people can not speak what they think, or what they want. A world where death is normal and comes often. This is a reality for some. Haiti lives in a poverty ridden nation, where soldier rape in free time and kill people for something as little as speaking their mind about Haiti’s government. In the book Krik?Krak!, Edwidge Danticat illustrates that suffering is greater than shame and forces change.

The concept of suffering is introduced to the reader in the story, Children of the Sea. This is a story of a boy and a girl who love each other. They write letters to one another talking about their situation. The girl is in Haiti with her father, living in fear of being killed by the government’s soldiers. The boy is on a boat heading to America because he had a talk show on the radio. He and others discussed what they wanted from their cruel government and what they wanted their country to become. He was also apart of a group called the Youth Federation. The Youth Federation fought against the dictator of Haiti. This lead to the boy being wanted by the government. “a group of students got shot in front of fort dimanche prison today.they
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In New York Day Women we see a back and forth story between the thoughts of a Haitian mother and daughter, near the beginning of the story the mother says, “Salt is heavier than a hundred bags of shame.” The salt represents the suffering that happened in Haiti, and the salt heavier than the shame of leaving their country and loved ones. In the end of the chapter the mother goes on to say, “I don’t want to make you ashamed of this day women. Shame is heavier than a hundred bags of salt.” (Danticat, 135) The mother is regretting leaving Haiti, but they needed for the daughter to grow up a better life than suffering in Haiti run by a corrupt

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