Essay on Successful Organizations, Teams, And Practices

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Collaboration is the key component to many successful organizations, teams, and practices in our world. Creating a collaborative culture can be defined in many ways. Collaborative cultures are created with a set of goals, managed efficiently, and support team members at every stage in the process. As Senge (2008) stated, the creation is difficult, takes courage, and a lot of patience.
A collaborative culture is created upon essential foundations including a shared vision, diverse thinking, innovation, and support. It is a web of relationships, similar to systems thinking, but with the human face (Senge, 2008). A group effort where individuals are comfortable coaching, challenging, and learning from one another (Higgins, Young, Wlodarczyk, 2009). These teams include diverse members who complement each other, and have the capacity to improve themselves. Collaborative teams know that posturing the pursuit of individual agendas ultimately will prevent significant motivation (Senge, 2008).
For leaders, managing a collaborative culture means modeling the initiative. It is about creating conditions where each team member has a voice and is able to coach and be coached by one another (Higgs et al, 2009). Leadership includes focusing energy on a prioritized task list, and not micromanagement of the team (Higgs et al, 2009). According to Holmsberg and Trystrup (2010), leadership consists of a combination of interpretations, constant adjustments, and formulations of…

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