Success That May Not Be Successful Short Story

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Success That May Not Be Guaranteed At what point in time do you wake up and realize your daily routine is not what you ever pictured it to be? When do you feel the urge to drop everything and start over? These are questions that my nineteen-year-old self asks constantly, and these are the worries that permanently reside in my subconscious when the rest of my thoughts have put me to rest at night. Nineteen is a little too young to relentlessly anguish over troubles that should hit around the “mid-life crisis years” so why do they bother me? At nineteen I should be enjoying my youth, making connections, and living an eventful life! It’s not that I’m not enjoying my life, (it could be better, but I won’t complain) but I’m stuck between making the decision of continuing college or dropping out and focusing on my music career. My parents’ sacrificed their own dreams to make sure their children have a successful future, so we will never have to live like them. “I never want you guys to experience the life I lived”, …show more content…
I have been the golden student, striving for a 4.0 GPA every year, since I was a child. I loved being “mommy’s smart baby”; my mom still calls me to this day, because I knew I was making them proud with my academic progress. Every phone call with my dad ends with “just keep getting those good grades for me, don’t worry about anything else”, and that is why I am sitting in college today, trying to remain the golden student reputation for my family. I often feel the weight of carrying this reputation, which takes a strong toll on my wellbeing because I constantly strive to make my parents proud, and I seek their satisfaction while sacrificing my own. With that being said, I am only here for them, because somehow this is not only a promising success in my future, but theirs

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