Success And Failure Essay

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Success and failure, even in the smallest of things affects us in ways we never thought they would. Failure, as much as it hurts, is an important part of life. Not only is it imperative to know how it affects us, but also how we can use it to better us, instead of bringing us down. A study done (Madsen, P. M., & Desai, V., 2010) to see if organizational performance is driven by learning from success found that failure is usually more beneficial for people in the long run. Instead of feeling like a failure or setback, individuals can gain motivation from the failure in order to succeed next time, and through the process gain further knowledge and inspiration. When weighing in whether small failures have the same affect as larger failure, Madsen, …show more content…
Although, self-esteem may have a influence on this. Abel, M. H. (1997), concluded a study that showed this by testing an individual’s success and failure, and their future success and failure based on a self-esteem scale and eight trials of a timed digit-substitution task. Research has suggested a link between high self-esteem and the accurate evaluation of task demand. Participants were more likely to higher their expectations from their initial performance after success, however, they didn’t lower their expectations after failure either. On the other hand, factors other then the self may affect the influence of failure on an individual. For instance, team outcome seems to be significantly related to both achievement and student perceptions. A group of researchers (Chambers, B., Abrami, P. C. 1991) found from testing elementary school kids, there is a relationship between individual success or failure, team outcome success or failure, and students ' achievement and academic perceptions. Chambers, B, et al (1991), found that team outcome was associated to both achievement and student recognition. People who performed better on the individual tests and rated their ability and luck higher were members of successful teams and the ones who did not were members of unsuccessful teams. Therefore, success may give individuals more motivation for further accomplishment and may be a good learning tool as well. A survey of scientists (Ellis, S., Carette, B., Anseel, F., & Lievens, F. 2014) found that through systematic reflection, one can learn from failures, as well as, learn from our successes. When people reflected and analyzed the decision that produced their performance outcomes, they were able to learn from their experience, from both a positive and negative one. After a failed experience, providing any kind of reflection contributes to one’s progress. When

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