Subway Project Plan Overview Essay

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Abstract This project entails opening two Subway Restaurant franchises. The project is described and potential problems identified. The mission, scope, and measuring the progress of the project are also discussed. The first step is applying to Subway for a franchise. Once the application has been accepted, the real work begins. Using Microsoft Project, each phase of the project can be monitored to ensure successful completion.

I. Project Plan Overview
A. Description of the project 5
B. The Problem 5
C. The Mission 6
D. High-Level Scope 8
E. Measuring the Scope of the Project 8
F. The Two Best Practices 9
G. Key Learning Points 10

II. Task and Risk Management Plan
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Small businesses can prove extremely successful when planned properly. Studies suggest that several small businesses however, close or fail within the first few years of operation. This failure suggests that a majority of small business owners may not have as yet realized the crucial success factors necessary for successful implementation of a small business. There are many steps involved in starting a small business. For example, the organization and legal structure of the business must be decided upon, financing must be arranged, inventory must be purchased, the location must be chosen, and an advertising plan must be worked out. Before embarking on any of these steps, however, the aspiring business owner must make a thorough self-analysis in order to determine if he or she is truly qualified for the task. The chances for success in a small business will be greatly enhanced if the person has the characteristics of an entrepreneur. These characteristics include leadership abilities. The aspiring business owner should be good at working with people, able to take responsibility, and have good problem-solving and decision-making skills. For 36 years Subway® Restaurants has been helping individuals build and succeed in their own business—thousands of independently owned and operated businesses run by people just like you.
When you purchase a franchise you are joining a team. From step one throughout the entire franchise process,

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