Substance Abuse In Adolescence

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Adolescence is a period in which new experiences are practiced such as; drugs and alcohol. Although both factors can lead to negative effects on the growth of the child, drugs are the most dangerous to the health and well-being of the adolescent and their future. Common drugs among adolescence are marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs. During adolescence, more than half have used a type of drug at least once. For some, as they experience the effects of certain drugs, they will continue to use the drug, which will soon lead to substance abuse. In adolescence, drug abuse can affect the performance in school, cause health problems and affect relationships among family.
During adolescence, the body and mind begin to mature at puberty.
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Substance abuse among adolescence can cause imbalances in hormone production. Certain drugs can inhibit the amount of oxygen the brain receives which can lead to permanent loss of brain function. During the drug abuse stage of adolescence, heroin is one of the utmost experimented drug. According to Substance Abuse Concerns, “NIDA has found that some teenagers start taking heroin because it is much cheaper than prescription pills” (6). Since heroin is usually injected straight into the veins, it can cause the veins to collapse. Drug overdose is the most common effect of drug use and can be accidental or intentional. A person can overdose when they take more of the drug than recommended. Other possible effects from the use of drugs can include the immune system beginning to weaken. The body’s immune system helps to fight off infections. If the immune system is affected by the use of drugs, the body will become more susceptible to infections. The dependence and use of drugs can affect almost every organ in the body. For that reason, basic knowledge of drugs and their effects are important to people who choose to use …show more content…
As the abuse gets stronger, adolescence begin to lie to their parents about who they are with and what they are doing. This causes mistrust between the parents and child. Certain drugs can cause the adolescent to feel depressed or fatigued, leading to exclusion from family activities. As the adolescent becomes more distant from their family, they will also exchange old friends for those who share similar habits. The adolescent may not have a way to pay for the drugs that fulfill their habit. For that reason, they may go about their own way of getting the money they need. This can include stealing money from their parents or taking items from their homes or others to pawn off in return for money. If there are other children in the family, the adolescent abusing the drugs can cause their siblings to act out as well. Misbehavior from other children can be a result from the parents paying more attention to the adolescent abusing drugs. As the behavior within the children and tension between family members worsen, parents may feel as if their last option is to seek family therapy. The impact of substance abuse among a family member can have significant effects on the family relationship, therefore it is important to address the problem and seek

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