Substance Abuse And The Intellectually Disabled Essay

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Introduction This review is focused on individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) who abuse alcohol and or drugs. Individuals diagnosed with intellectual disability have issues which are addressed for mental health, but the use of alcohol and or drugs is rarely addressed. Research in to the lack of studies in to substance abuse and the intellectually disabled makes it clear there is much more to be done to provide education, prevention, and treatment for the ID client. Provision of the substance abuse treatment seems to be overlooked by many treatment agencies and providing the information into this issue is another challenge in the progressive care of the ID client. The ID client with mild to borderline disabilities is considered to be able to adjust to life without supervision if he or she is able to maintain his or her activities in daily living. However, these same individuals may be able to function similar to their peers in various areas, but do not have the cognitive ability to understand the effects alcohol or drugs may have on their medications, ability to make decisions, or the environment. In cases when the client is unable to retrieve prescribed medications and unable to cope with life stressors they may find themselves using alcohol or street drugs as an alternative which only causes more problems if the client is unable to regulate the intake of the substance.
The intellectually disabled are a vulnerable population and if in the wrong environment with…

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