Styles Of Reasoning And Critical Junctures Analysis

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Styles of Reasoning and Critical Junctures
In this essay, the theoretical concepts of critical junctures, the related concept of path dependency, and styles of reasoning will be discussed in relation to each other. While styles of reasoning compare most directly with path dependency, there is still interesting insights to be gained from comparing styles of reasoning and critical junctures.
Hacking’s ‘style of reasoning’ is a framework to understand the emergence and importance of various scientific concepts, truths, and ways of fining and gathering evidence to support these claims. According to Hacking, styles of reasoning are not just toolboxes of techniques for researches to pick up and apply to various phenomena, but they instead create
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The specific historic moments where styles of reasoning emerge are not of great interest to Hacking this this lecture, but he does make it clear that when he speaks of styles of reasoning he does mean something that emerges out of a specific point.
Undoubtedly the most powerful style of Economy and Society Downloaded by reasoning, that which has made possible the modern world, that which has permanently changed the world, large and small, that which is altering and engineering the world at this moment, is what I call the laboratory style, which was emerging four centuries ago.
I contend that just like any path dependant process, styles of reasoning emerge from critical junctures. Critical juncture theory also provides some useful analysis on the role of change and near misses. It is not necessary that new styles of reasoning emerge out of critical junctures, and institutions resist change. Styles are shaped by the institutions in society, directing actors to accept or resist new styles of reasoning. Just like the Catholic Church resisted new styles of reasoning that threatened the sanctioned styles that matched the Church’s own

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