Essay on Studying At A Liberal Arts College

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As an undergraduate student, I spent an extensive amount of time trying to articulate why I should choose a particular calling over others. I am intellectually curious and prefer perceiving information in an interdisciplinary manner. Thus, the necessity to choose one or two majors imposed a challenge. Studying at a liberal arts college reassured me in the idea that the fields I was primarily interested in – Economics and Political Science – are not isolated or restrictive. Both are based on a premise that there is a perpetual need to observe human behaviour in order to draw informed and sound conclusions about the world we live in. Whether it is by trying to quantify the effect of one’s gender on choosing a certain profession, or by attempting to identify the most reliable way to predict the rate on investment in an online ad, both of these social sciences focus on finding informative patterns which can reveal whether a status quo of a particular situation/behaviour is optimal and, if not, how it could be changed for the better. At the backend of finding patterns in human behaviour and coherent ways to present and quantify them stands a rather technical, yet creative, field - Computer Science – which, I came to realize, encompasses and combines a significant number of my interests.
I majored in Political Science and Economics, the latter being a rather math-heavy and quantitative science. I developed the skill to grasp theoretical and abstract concepts by observing them…

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