Study Of The Interaction Between People Within Their Environment At A Place

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Geography is the study of the interaction between people within their environment at a place. It includes three factors: space, place, and environment. In this paper, I will first explain what those three factors entail. Then, I will relate the factors to Portland in detail. Finally, I will discuss the research a geographer would need to produce knowledge by exploration and observation in regards to a city.
The central concepts of geography are the space, place, and environment. The three factors make up geography by explaining the physical and human characteristics of the place. Space is the location in regards to geographical coordinates or distance measured. It can be measured in longitudinal and latitudinal.It can also be measured to see where the location is compared to something else like a store or another city. For example, Portland’s coordinates are 45.5231° N, 122.6765° W. This depicts the exact location of Portland on Earth. The second factor is place, which is the area surrounding it. Place also includes human characteristics. This can be a state to a country, a city, or neighborhood. Portland is a city in the state of Oregon. The environment are the physical attributes and the human interaction of the place. Portland flourishes with physical characteristics like hills, rivers, and trees.
Oregon is located in the upper northwest of the United States. Portland is located in the upper west of Oregon. The nearest city to Portland is Salem, which is 47.7 miles…

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