Study of Solubility Equilibrium of Khc4H4O6 Essay

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Name: Beatrice Yeo Zi Hui Lab Group: B1
Fume Hood Number: B4 Matriculation Number: A0102491R
Email Address: Date: 1st February 2013
Experiment 1: Study of Solubility Equilibrium

1. Abstract
The aim of this experiment is to determine the relationship between the solubility of potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHC4H4O6) and temperature. Titrate a known concentration of NaOH against a saturated solution of KHC4H4O6 at different temperatures to obtain the concentrations of KHC4H4O6, and hence the solubility product constant of KHC4H4O6 at various temperatures. It was found that the solubility product constant of KHC4H4O6 is higher at higher temperatures, thus it can be concluded that the salt is more
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Approximately 1.2g of KHC4H4O6 was measured using a top-pan balance and added. The flask was swirled for around 5 minutes and the temperature of the solution was recorded using a thermometer. A dry funnel and a piece of fluted filter paper were used to filter the solution into a clean dry 250mL conical flask. During the filtration process, the thermometer is kept in the filter funnel and the salt solution was quickly filtered by decanting the solution in small portions. A pipette was rinsed twice with a small portion of the saturated solution before use. 25.0mL of the saturated KHC4H4O6 solution was pipetted thrice into separate clean dry conical flasks and it was essential they were allowed to stand until their temperatures reached room temperature before the titration procedure. 2 drops of phenolphthalein were added. A burette was set up on a retort stand and filled with the standardised NaOH solution. Three titrations were carried out and the volumes of NaOH dispensed were recorded and within ±0.10mL of each other.

For temperatures below room temperature, the whole procedure is repeated twice. However, this time an ice bath was prepared and the conical flask with the unfiltered salt solution was placed inside until the temperature of the solution stabilized at 12ºC and 21ºC respectively. While waiting for the salt solution to

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