Study At A College Of The World Of Imagination And Dreams Essay

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I have always been the girl with a lot of dreams. The one that watched a thousand times each of fairy tales, wore my mother’s old dresses to dress the princess and created a world of "make believe" in my head. A girl who lived on the moon, the world of imagination and dreams. But many of my dreams I did not believe I could achieve. I always dreamed to marry Bruno Mars, have Nicki Minaj as my best friend and travel around the world with them and my dog. I always had crazy dreams, but I had one that I was sure I would achieve: to study at a college in the U.S.A.
Since I was fifteen years old I told my parents that I wanted to study in the U.S.A. They never thought that I was being serious. They always laughed at me and said, “Okay, if you finish your high school with good grades, you will go there to study at college.” Every year I counted the time until I finished high school and could travel to the U.S.A and live my dream.
In my last year of high school, I did not remind them and I started to prepare all my documents travel to the U.S.A. I searched for an English school in Miami and for accommodation; I talked to the school and they accepted me. I had almost everything ready. I just needed the money and to apply for the U.S visa.
I talked to my parents again and they got scared because they thought that I was joking when I told them. My father started to make excuses for me not to travel to the U.S.A. First he said that the school that I chose was too expensive and he told…

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