Students With Learning Disabilities Can Obtain Success Essay

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Students with Learning Disabilities can Obtain Success
Most individuals that choose to continue their education in college, do so with hopes to obtain a higher paying career after graduation. This is a realistic idea for most students, but for students with learning disabilities completing college is the beginning. Students with LD (learning disabilities) tend to face numerous challenges while achieving their goal. Analysis suggests students with LD are less likely to be successful after completing college when compared to other students. Success is setting a goal and obtaining it. Students with LD possessing a strong will power can be just as successful as others after completing college. Students with LD usually find completing their course of study is harder than students who learn at a faster pace. Therefore, it may take students with LD longer to complete the same courses as the fast learners. They will need to find a study method to assist with learning according to their individual needs. A student with LD may be a slow learner, but they can also be average to above average academically. According to the Journal of Learning Disabilities, an article by Susan A. Vogel and Pamela B. Adelman, students with LD were compared to a MS group (matched sample group). The LD and MS group were matched based on gender and ACT composite scores (432). Vogel and Adelman found that the two groups had similarities on graduation and academic failure rates. The LD and MS groups were…

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