Students Should Be Required to Wear Uniforms Essay

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Mitiki Ridley
Eng. 1101, MW 9:30
February 27, 2013
All Students Should Be Required To Wear Uniforms
Dress code has always been a problem in schools because students often times don’t adhere to the rules on what they can and cannot wear to school. While clothing is a minor issue when it comes to education; wearing uniforms does seem to improve an educational environment. Are school uniforms good or bad? There are many reasons why students should be required to wear uniforms. Students should be required to wear uniforms because it creates an organized and orderly atmosphere, eliminates popularity, has economic benefits, and it decreases safety matters.
Wearing uniforms creates an organized and orderly atmosphere ( When
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Parents often dread the day when they have to take their child school shopping. The burden of having to buy multiple outfits for everyday school use is eliminated when students have to wear uniforms (Calvert). There are some schools that often times will set up a uniform recycling station. This clever idea can help families to save money as well. They can simply set aside time to go and get clothes from here or even donate their slightly used clothes to help other families (Calvert).
Most people don’t realize that schools requiring schools to wear uniforms justifies safety. When students are required to tuck their shirts in and wear clothing that isn’t falling off of the waist, this can prevent students from sneaking in weapons such as knives or guns (Calvert). When the females are wearing clothing that is less revealing, this prevents them from being victims of sexual assaults. The color of clothing often indicates membership in a specific gang. If students are required to wear the same colors, then this eliminates the need to wear a certain color because you are a member of a gang.
Many people argue that when students are required to wear uniforms, it takes away the students ability to express themselves through their clothing. Yes, school uniforms may remove expression through clothing; however, children find many other forms of expression: through gestures, action, and voice. Uniforms do not remove any such freedom of

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