Essay on Students Do Not Disobey The Rules For Get Attention

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 Students do not disobey the rules to get attention.
No rules were violated.
 The frequency and duration of disciplinary incidents are well within teacher expectations.
Not spoken. I didn’t detect any disciplinary action taken in this session.
 Classroom rules are consistent with or identical to the code of conduct for the building.

Not comprehensible projected.
 Disciplinary practices are clearly linked to the student’s inappropriate behavior. Consequences for Appropriate and Inappropriate Behavior
 Appropriate student behavior is rewarded in a variety of ways and in ways that are appealing to students. His students may obtain a few good things to reward their good behavior. These things were: a verbal praise, merit points and Behave tickets, these tickets are a way that students can purchase positive calls or notes home, a glitter pound, interesting books and many other things…
 Occasional checks are made to be sure rewards continue to be attractive incentives. He developed a method that was appropriate, attractive and challenging to the age of his learners. He didn’t believe in raffles, he said that raffles were stupid.
 Negative consequences are explicitly stated and consistently applied.
The consequences were explained but were not applied during this session because no extremely bad behavior was seen.
 Warnings and threats are not substitutes for the administration of logical and/or negative consequences.

Not perceived
 Occasional checks are…

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