Students Can Achieve Learning Goals Essay

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Enabling Students to Achieve Learning Goals
Arguably, one of the most important aims for educators is to help students to achieve learning goals which are set out in the curriculum. As educators, it is important to have theories and knowledge of how these learning goals can be achieved for every individual within the classroom. In this essay, it will be argued that, as educators, we can help students to achieve these learning goals through promoting motivation, developing learning strategies, teaching for learning transfer and by using assessment. All of these arguments can go hand in hand, therefore, links between these key ideas will be made throughout this essay.
As educators, we can help students achieve learning goals by analysing and promoting motivation. A student’s motivational state can be analysed by looking at a student’s self-efficacy. It is important educators are equipped with good diagnostic abilities so they are able to assess the level of self-efficacy a student may have (Van Deur, 2016). This self-efficacy can be closely linked to what mindset this individual may have, either a growth mindset or fixed mindset. Students with growth mindsets are more resilient to setbacks in comparison with those with fixed mindsets who may be discouraged and lose interest in the face of setbacks. By encouraging students for their effort instead of their performance, educators are able to promote a growth mindset and develop self-efficacy (Dweck, 2010). This growth…

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