Student Thinking Reflection

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Part 2: What you did during the rehearsal
For this part of the reflection regarding what I did during my rehearsal, I have chosen to analyze how I Elicited and Responded to Student Thinking and how I Represented Students’ Mathematical Thinking.
Eliciting & Responding to Student Thinking
To demonstrate how I elicited and responded to student thinking, I have chosen to examine my video from 2:45 – 3:25. During this time, I asked students for their answers to the problem given to them and their reasoning for this answer. In essence, I was hoping to target students’ knowledge of inverse functions and how they applied it to solving a situational problem. More specifically, if they were able to find the error in a solution of an inverse algebraic problem and explain their
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In essence, I was asking Kassandra to explain her reasoning behind her thinking. By asking this question, I was hoping to target the instructional goal “Students will analyze the situation given to them and with their prior knowledge, figure out and explain what the best way to go about it is”. The type of question asked enables students to think about the type of process they used when solving this particular situational problem. Moreover, in explaining their reasoning, they are encouraged to take a bit of time to question to reflect on their solution before raising their hand. I was also hoping for students to use appropriate mathematical terms when explaining their reasoning.
Between 3:00-3:17: Based on the question that I asked Kassandra “Could you explain to me why there is no mistake?”, Kassandra responded with: “Because, well I went through the problem and I went through the steps, and then at the end of it, I got the exact same answer as Mario for the inverse. So I got ± (√x)⁄(3.)
After Kassandra gave her explanation behind her answer, I responded with (between 3:19-3:23): “Perfect, now does everyone agree with

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