Freshman Student Research Paper

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Freshman Students and Their Experience of Stress Attending a university after transitioning out of high school can be a stressful and challenging experience. Adapting to the new lifestyle change and structure of college can take time. For first year students, it is the time for them to get connected to the university, make new friends, and get involved on campus. Overall, the challenges of new coursework, combined with the associated new lifestyle that college brings, can be overwhelming for individuals; especially considering that freshman students usually have ambitious goals that they also want to see come to fruition. Thus, the purpose of this study is to study to examine freshman students’ feelings about their college experience, as …show more content…
The sample size was 62 female, and 33 men. A total of 95 freshmen who were the ages around 17 to 20 years old. The participants answered survey questions in the fall and spring semester. The questions in the survey asked about their socioeconomic status (SES) involving their mothers and fathers professional career. One of the measurements they used was the Private Religiosity Scale to see what religion the participants identify themselves as. They also looked at the participant’s perceived social support from family and from friends, and also used Future Time Perspective Inventory scale to see how the participants responded about their future being positive or negative. A Symptom severity survey was given in the spring semester, asking participants what symptoms they have been experiencing in that month. The participants were also asked how much alcohol is consume weekly. Self-reported illness were given to see preexisting illness already existing within the freshmen and asked how frequent the students engaged in risky sexual behavior or not. Another scale used was the Recent Life Event to see the stress experience the freshmen are facing. The results found that students who view the future positively, with greater stress …show more content…
When watching the students in the classroom, I will attempt to uncover the signs of stress that freshmen exhibit in the classroom. The observation will take at least three to six. After the class session, I’ll ask random students to see if they would participate in my face-to-face interview. The questions in the interview will focus on what activities the students engage in when they feel stressed out about school, how their behavior relates to stress, and what resources they utilize when stressed. The interviews will take place during week 5 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday afternoons at the Student Center next to the ATM machines and Bene’s Pasta. The interviews should not take longer than 20 minutes per participant. This study will take place within the next few weeks and my paper will extrapolate on the findings that this study will uncover. I will examine the study in detail by analyzing the student’s behavior in class, evaluating their answers, and correlating their level of stress with the attitudes and behaviors that they engage

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