The Negative Effects Of Stress In University Students

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The most common complaint heard by parents and professors all over the world comes mostly from university students about the stress they have to go through. Most students have a hard time transitioning from their simple lives in school to more difficult lives pursuing a higher level of education. The pressure that the students encounter during this period can become extremely stressful. Stress is sometimes caused by learning burnout and financial problems, which lead to problems in physical and mental health, in academics, and in time management, therefore, previous solutions such as interventions by introducing coping strategies and making professional help available have been offered to students battling stress.

One of the main
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The main grounds for these pecuniary issues are the increase of tuition funds and the decrease or limitation of financial assets (Robotham, 2008). University students need money in order to afford their tuition, housing, clothing, and food. Apart from these things, they also need to have extra money saved in case of emergencies. Even though these monetary affairs might be temporary, there is no circumvention of the negative consequences of stress (Schafer, 2008, as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740), on the students ' minds and …show more content…
These problems can cause students to become distracted from their academics (Foster, 1995, as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740). They become more focused on being employed in part-time jobs (Robotham, 2008) in order to be capable of affording the main necessities of life (The Student Living Report, 2004, as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740). These jobs, supposedly part-time, take up a large amount of the students ' time. So, instead of studying, attending classes, and delivering assignments on their due dates, students spend their time working (Students at Work, NUS, 1996, as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740). In addition to the stress of having a job, students are faced with tremendously large debts (The Report, 2004, as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740). According to Misra, Mckean, West, and Russo (2000), they also suffer from mental and physical health deterioration, (as cited in Robotham, 2008, p.740). These are just a drop in the ocean of the stress faced by university students because of financial

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