Essay Student Motivation For Student Learner Instruction

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I decided to research student motivation for my topic for this assignment. I am a program director and teacher of polysomnography at a private career college in Michigan. It seems over the last year that my students’ motivation to learn has declined. The excitement and enthusiasm did not exist with my 2015 cohort as compared to my 2014 cohort. Looking at this problem objectively, I compared the grades, assignment completions, discussion board, blog, and journal participation rates of both cohorts. I found that the 2014 cohort had on average higher grades, higher assignment completion rates, and higher participation rates on discussion boards, blogs, and journals. So what could be the cause of the decline?
Two factors I did not consider until was my students’ primary college major choices and the program curriculum change from traditional to student learner instruction. A majority of the health science programs at my institution are limited enrollment. The general education courses of the health science programs at my college provide the opportunity to students who are not accepted into their primary program of choice to seek potential acceptance into another health science program. Evaluating the 2015 cohort, I discovered that out of the twelve students I had, seven students did not have polysomnography as their primary major. The 2014 cohort had two out of ten students who had not chosen polysomnography as their primary major.
The program recently went through a…

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