Student Learning Through High Quality Aesthetic Experience Essay

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As a music educator, I believe that student learning happens in several ways; many that are transferable to education in general. Based on the philosophies set forth by Reimer (2003), Elliot (1995), and Small (1998), students should be able to learn through high quality aesthetic experiences, praxial experiences where application of acquired knowledge and skill sets that are central to school to everyday life, and social experiences inside and outside the classroom to best interact with society as positively as possible. The process of learning should be presented in a natural, spiral, and cyclical way; allowing students to progress at a steady pace and feel safe to revisit or explore concepts that still need comprehension. Additionally, the process of learning should be paced to allow students to apply what they have learned in practical applications inside the classroom to make for life-long learning skills for life.

The way to achieve such a process is by having the educator provide a milieu that is conducive to multiple ways of learning. While the nature of music education is predominately aural, the profession itself has evolved its practices to use visual, kinesthetic, cognitive, and affective pedagogies that have strong interdisciplinary advantages. For example, music can be used to teach grade school children about their bodies through kinesthetic musical cues (i.e. “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”) or grammatical mechanics through catchy melodies like those…

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