Student Housing Research Paper

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Student Housing at Harrisburg University

Shiakh Mukidur Rahman

Audience: Members of the Dauphin County Commissioners

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1 Introduction 4 1.1 Purpose and Scope 4 1.2 Procedures 4
2 Body 5 2.1 History of Student Housing at Harrisburg University 5 2.2 Existing facilities of Student Housing at Harrisburg University 5 2.3 Student’s review at Harrisburg University 6 2.4 Comparative study of student housing among Harrisburg University and regional universities. 8
3 Conclusions and Recommendations 9
4 Bibliography 9

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Fig 1: Residence on Market at Harrisburg University 4

Table 1: Existing facilities
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This part of life must help a student to get the higher level of satisfaction, to become more opportunistic and self-confident future leader of the nation. This report provides the information about the student housing at Harrisburg University as well as other two universities. This report has two major parts: gathering information by survey and interview and conclusion and recommendation. For information, students are interviewed at Harrisburg University. Questionnaires are provided to review their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Two main facilities, food serving and healthcare service, are recommended to improve the life of the students. Recommended facilities may help students their money, time and engross their mind into …show more content…
2.1 History of Student Housing at Harrisburg University
Harrisburg University has two high quality, affordable housing for undergrad students in downtown Harrisburg. The University partner’s Brickbox Enterprises, Ltd has developed the student housing. Those housing was purchased on October of 2012 which are located at 301 and 335 Market St. These are also named as Market View Place and Residence On Market accordingly. In addition, University also bought third housing on April, 2013 located at 319 Market St which is still under construction.
Living in a student housing at Harrisburg University is the requirement of Freshman students. According to Eric Darr, the university President, “First-year enrollment is projected to be about 160 in the fall, which would be up from 138 last fall.” Therefore, certainly they have a plan for a fourth housing to accommodate the upcoming students. “We are looking at other student housing opportunities both near the HU campus as well as other locations,” said Dan Deitchman, owner of Brickbox. (1)

2.2 Existing facilities of Student Housing at Harrisburg

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